Discover the 4 best Africa airlines in 2018

AirHelp has just published its ranking of the best airlines in the world. For this 2018 edition, 72 airlines were competing. The jury relied on three fundamental criteria to highlight the best African airlines.

First, punctuality, then the quality of the service, and lastly, the efficiency in customer service. For this 2018 ranking, four African companies have managed to distinguish themselves. These are South African Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and Air Mauritius.

Regarding the criterion of punctuality, Kenya Airways company obtained the highest score: 9.2 points.

According to the AirHelp score, South African Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines also achieve outstanding scores: 8.5 points and 8.4 points.

In terms of quality of service, the Golden Palm in Africa goes to the airlines South African Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and Air Mauritius, which each get 7.8 points. Kenya Airlines is doing well with 6.3 points.

For the customer service effectiveness criterion, Ethiopian Airlines scored the highest: 8.7 points ahead of Kenya Airways (7.9 points) and South African Airlines (7.4 points). Air Mauritius has an inferior performance on this criterion with 3.3 points.

In the world rankings, it is the airline Qatar Airways that comes first with 9.8 points on a scale of 10 points. The Qatar company passes Lufthansa (8.57 points) and Etihab Airways (8.43 points).

Despite these differences, it must be recognized that it is usually the price of the airline ticket that drives the traveler to choose the airline. As a result, the best company will not always be the most sought after by travelers.

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