After a year the US finally has a new ambassador in Mexico

The new American ambassador Christopher Landau arrived in Mexico on Friday. The post was vacant for more than a year when the tensions between the two countries increased due to a migration crisis.

“I come here to listen and learn,” said Christopher Landau, a 55-year-old lawyer with no diplomatic experience, on his arrival at Mexico City airport.

The US Senate confirmed Landau’s nomination on August 1 after its predecessor, Roberta Jacobson, resigned in May 2018.

Relations between the two countries are tense after US President Donald Trump continued to insist that Mexico should pay for the wall he wants to build between the two countries to stop illegal migration.

Since the government of Mexican, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador deployed additional troops and tried to reduce the number of migrants from Central America, the relationship has improved.

After a year the US finally has a new ambassador in Mexico
©REUTERS – Christopher Landau on his arrival in Mexico.

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