Animal ambulance tears for a trapped rat in the pit

The rat may not be the most popular creature in the animal kingdom, but that does not matter to the German animal ambulance. With the help of several firefighters, the pinched animal was released from a difficult position.

The rodent was stuck in a manhole cover in the municipality of Bensheim in the central state of Hesse when the auxiliary troop arrived to untie the animal. His upper body protruded above the pit, but he did not get any further than that. “He squeaked, yelled and was very scared,” says social worker Michael Sehr across from Bild.

The first few attempts failed, after which firefighters lifted the manhole cover to try it from the bottom. And with success. Not much later the beast is free again and they let it go again under the pit. “He immediately jumped back into the sewer!”

Animal ambulance tears for a trapped rat in the pit
©Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar – The rat no longer managed to come loose independently after being trapped in the manhole cover.

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