AstraZeneca covid vaccine: German researchers find impurities

Researchers at the University of Ulm have discovered impurities caused by proteins in the vaccine from AstraZeneca vaccine manufacturer. The question of whether the efficacy of the vaccine is affected by this or whether there is a connection with side effects cannot yet be answered, the scientists report in communication about the study, which was only published as a preprint. Further research is needed, it sounds.

The protein content per vaccine dose was well above the theoretically expected amount.

In circles of the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company, experience has shown that residual proteins in the vaccine are safe and lower than with similar vaccines. One hundred percent purity could not be achieved. The company says it works according to the highest possible standards.

However, researcher Stefan Kochanek, who led the study, points to inadequate quality control. A review of the manufacturing process and quality control could increase both the efficiency and safety of the vaccine, he says.

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