Australian woman finds strange sea creatures on a beach [Photos]

The creatures washed up by the sea wave on an Australian beach and photographed by a woman have intrigued the local community. A biology professor finally explained what these “eggs” were.

One woman shared on the Internet several photos of creatures resembling unusual eggs that she had discovered on a beach near the city of Mandurah, Western Australia, according to Yahoo News Australia.

Among the photos were flora and fauna that were washed up on the shore, and they are animals that have greatly intrigued the locals. One of the creatures was dark red. Some internet users have suggested that it was “some kind of egg” or the placenta of a dolphin.

After researching, the woman speculated that the red object was a wandering sea anemone. Professor Culum Brown, a marine biologist at Macquarie University, confirmed this assumption. The biologist added that none of the creatures depicted in the photos pose a danger to humans.

Australian woman finds strange sea creatures on a beach [Photos]

Wandering anemones, little wanderers

Sea anemones are marine animals that do not have a calcareous skeleton. Most anemones live attached to a support. But wandering or swimming anemones, Phlyctenactis tuberculosa, move freely and sometimes attach themselves to algae or rocks, says ¨the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Australian woman finds strange sea creatures on a beach [Photos]

It is possible to find these animals, whose tentacles can be yellow, orange, blue and red, as in this case, off the coasts of Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and New Zealand, usually along rocky coasts, the museum notes on its website.

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