Beninese Football Federation: Pythons to replace the Squirrels of Benin?

Steve Mounie, the Benin striker, proposes to replace the Squirrels by Pythons in support of his country’s plan to change the nickname of the national football team.

The Beninese Football Federation (FBF) is changing the nickname of the national team for an “evocative and respectable” title. The Huddersfield player even came up with his own suggestions, including the Pythons. “The python, the snake is like a symbol in Benin,” he told BBC Sport.

Steve Mounie is a Beninese international footballer who plays for striker in Huddersfield Town in the United Kingdom. “There is a python temple in Benin, there is a great culture around the python, they love python in Benin.”

He added that he would also be happy to have other suggestions. He also said that Pythons would also be a good name because his country is developing. “I think we have a very good team and I hope we qualify for the next African Cup of Nations.”

This nickname, “the Squirrels”, dates back to the 1960s and symbolizes a small country that seeks to climb high. Squirrels were invented in the 1960s, apparently to reflect a small country that is looking to rise high. But this African Football Federation believes it’s time to change to reflect the team’s ambitions.

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