Bodybuilder is not allowed on a plane because of this outfit

Is her outfit too spicy? Deniz Saypinar knows no end with her frustration now that she was denied access to a plane for that reason. “I look like the worst person in the world for wearing short shorts. I don’t deserve that,” echoed the Turkish athlete on social media.

Deniz Saypinar wanted to fly to Miami from Texas, but that was beyond some American Airlines flight attendants. “They thought I was too ‘naked’. Some families might take offense to it, according to them,” she sounds indignant.

Saypinar combines bodybuilding with fitness and is the first woman in Turkey to be officially recognized for it with IFBB status. On Instagram, there are now over a million fans who follow her exploits.

Deniz Saypinar shared a photo of the outfit in question on her social media
Deniz Saypinar shared a photo of the outfit in question on her social media

Recently, the young lady moved to Los Angeles, where she can pursue her dreams more freely. This year she also became the first non-American to win the national competition in bikini fitness.

But so now Saypinar was stumped by…. the dress code. “Yes, I like to wear garments that accentuate my shapes. But it is never my intention to shock. I am mature and civilized enough to know what is and is not acceptable.”

To prove her point, Saypinar posted a photo of the outfit in question on her social media. She regrets that those bare legs and stomach are immediately given a sexual connotation. “What separates us from beasts if we can’t even control our most primitive impulses? I am a professional athlete, but now I have to wait here until tomorrow morning for the next plane.”

An American Airlines spokesperson kept it brief. “All our customers must wear appropriate clothing, that is simply stated in our regulations.”

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