British model marries her dog after 4 engagements and 200 failed dates

A special broadcast for the British morning show ‘This Morning’. In it, 49-year-old Elizabeth Hoad married her golden retriever Logan. According to Hoad, a former model, the choice to marry her four-legged is ‘perfectly normal’ and so do her friends.

Elizabeth Hoad spent years searching for her knight in shining armor through various dating sites, but couldn’t find the one. “I’ve been engaged four times and went on over 200 dates. I was done with it and I stopped looking for a man. My last friend turned out to be married and it was my dog Logan who ‘saved’ me,” said Elizabeth.

Before she gave Logan The “Yes” word, Hoad was engaged four times before. None of those engagements eventually led to marriage, but this time the former model was 100 percent sure of her case. “Friends of mine don’t think this is weird. In fact, because I’m not working right now, they were the ones who encouraged me to marry Logan. Why not?”

Elizabeth Hoad and Logan’s wedding was on the breakfast show. She walked the animal towards the improvised altar, while Paul Anka’s song “Puppy Love” was played in the background. The dog was wearing a black tuxedo T-shirt for the occasion and the bride was wearing a white suit.

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