British government wants to fight crime with GPS tracker for thieves

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to keep an eye on burglars and thieves with a GPS tracker after a prison sentence of at least one year. In addition, ex-prisoners will have to perform unpaid work during their parole, such as collecting garbage.

Johnson wants to fight crime in his country better with stricter rules. For example, he wants to follow thieves – with a prison sentence of at least one year – for another year after their release via a GPS tracker. During parole, offenders would also be required to perform unpaid work.


“The people want justice to be done and criminals to pay the price for their crimes,” British Home Secretary Priti Patel told the Daily Mail. “It wants hooligans to give back to society what they took from it with their ill-considered actions.”

In addition, the British government also wants to focus on the police. For example, the police should be given more power to stop and check people on the street.

There are also plans to promote police officers as focal points and to invest in “soberness sensors” that can detect alcohol in the sweat. The government finds the latter application particularly interesting for people convicted of alcohol-related offenses.


Critics doubt whether the measures will make the streets safer. The proposals are also ill-timed, according to police representatives: just a few days ago, the government announced that it would freeze the wages of the officers. In addition, the Conservative government has cut more than 20,000 police jobs since 2010.

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