“Britney Spears admitted to a psychiatric clinic”

It seems that Britney Spears is not doing well. The singer is struggling with the situation of her sick father. As a result, she is now admitted to a clinic where she receives psychological help, reports TMZ based on sources. Britney stays thirty days, according to the entertainment site.

The situation around Jamie Spears, Britney’s sick father, has not really improved in recent times. He is said to have been treated twice and suffer from complications. It is unclear what exactly Jamie is wrong with. Because of her father, Britney stopped her career in January for an “indefinite period”. The singer wanted to focus entirely on her family and therefore canceled the ‘Britney: Domination’ concert series that would give the pop princess in Las Vegas. There will also be no new album for the time being.


Britney previously struggled with her own mental health. In 2007, she left the path after divorcing Kevin Federline. She made world news when she shaved her head and attacked a paparazzo with an umbrella.

"Britney Spears admitted to a psychiatric clinic"

Father Jamie then took Britney under his care. Because she could no longer make clear decisions for herself, he managed her finances and made sure she went into therapy and got her life back on track. In February, friends of Britney said they feared that the singer would again fall into a downward spiral due to the situation with her father.

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