Britney Spears again shares a mysterious message on Instagram

She has been silent for years, but after her emotional testimony in court, Britney Spears (39) has become a real speech bubble. In recent weeks, the singer has already shared several cryptic messages on Instagram, which is no different today.

In a new message on her Instagram account, the singer asks her followers what they do to make their dreams come true. “I’m just wondering because, at this point, I don’t know if it’s still a good idea to listen to certain people,” the caption said candidly. In addition, Britney also said in the same message that she had driven her car alone for the first time.

Britney, who is currently doing everything possible to end the reign of her father, Jamie Spears, also briefly discussed her plans for the future. For example, the ‘Toxic’ singer would like to travel more in the future, and if possible, she would like to do that with her childhood idol Cher.

She also made it clear that she dreams of abs like Jennifer Lopez’s. At the end of her message, the pop singer also made a short reference to the Cinderella fairy tale. “This is me again with hope, love, and good intentions… and by the way, I plan to go to the prom when I get my house back in order.”

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Criticism for Jamie Lynn

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn, Britney’s sister, is again receiving a lot of criticism on social media. In 2015, 30-year-old Jamie Lynn wrote on Twitter: “We still have a house in Destin, Florida. I also regularly invite people into our house.”

That Britney’s sister uses the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ in the tweet, followers of the so-called #FreeBritney community cannot. According to some followers of the pop singer, Jamie Lynn acts as if the house is partly hers, but in reality, Britney Spears is the only legal owner of the property.

The ‘Toxic’ singer bought the property in 2001 when she was barely 20 years old for $920,000. The apartment in question has a total of three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a spacious balcony.

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