China: Child Locked iPhone for 25 million minutes (about 47 Years)

A little boy in China, barely 2 years old, blocked the iPhone of his Mum for a record of 47 years. According to South China Morning Post, that reported that reported this unusual story about an iPhone.

The incident originated in a mishandling on his part in entering the password.

The device hangs for several minutes following the repeated entry of bad password, until reaching this  record time of 25millon minutes, roughly 47 years.

To regain control of her iPhone before the expiry of this long delay, the owner has no choice but to fully reset her iPhone  based on information provided by Apple’s technical support.

It is certain that this mother will think twice before handing over her iPhone to her child, who used to use it to watch videos.

Let’s also hope that Apple will review its security feature and will have a little less weight on the time between attempts to enter the password.

In any case, following this mishap, the owner of the iPhone did not want to wait for 47 years saying: “I could not really wait 47 years and tell my son, that it was his father’s mistake.”

Some parents testified that the child should not have been left alone with the smartphone and that the data should have been saved in the cloud or other storage medium.

It was not the case. On your side, do you have a similar anecdote to tell us in the comments?

Do you leave your smartphone to your children?

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