China successfully launches new Long Mars-5B launcher

New powerful rocket to help build Chinese space station

China launched its new powerful launch vehicle Lange Mars-5B for the first time on Tuesday. The launch would have been successful, reported by the Chinese state media.

The renewed version of the Long Mars-5 departed smoothly from the Beijing Wenhang launch base in the south of the country around 6 p.m. Beijing time. The large white launcher carried a prototype of a new crewed space capsule and a return cargo spaceship for testing in space.


The capsule, in which no one had taken a seat for the test, detached together with the cargo 488 seconds after take-off to enter the intended lane. That reported the official news agency Xinhua.

The launch of the Long Mars-5B missile
©REUTERS – The launch of the Long Mars-5B missile

The start was actually planned for April but was delayed due to technical problems. The Long Mars-5 flew successfully for the first time in December, after two failures due to propulsion problems. It is one of the most potent launchers in the world.

Space station

According to Xinhua, the successful launch of the Model 5B marks the ‘third step’ of the manned Chinese space program, specifically the construction of a real space station.

The Lange Mars-5B will mainly be used to launch the modules of that station.

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