Christian marches in DRC: police raise their voice against criticism on Social Media

Five days after the laity coordination committee’s demonstrations, the spokesman of the Congolese police shows his firmness against those who question the official versions of the authorities on the Internet.

He threatens to sue anyone who uses social networks “to discredit the police.”

Allusion to the writings circulating on the Web to denounce the murder in Kinshasa of Rossy Mukendi and the difference of the procedures between the judgment of the policeman in Mbandaka, which has already taken place, and that of the policeman in Kinshasa, who, in turn, is still expect.

For Colonel Mwanamputu, “It was Brigadier-in-Chief Tokis Kumbo who used a rubber bullet to protect his leader, Major Carine, who was threatened.”

The spokesperson then portrayed a highly commendable portrait of the commander of Mount Amba’s mobile squadron, Major Carine. But it is an image that contrasts a lot with the descriptions given on the internet.

Police officer Tokis Kumbo, whose identity is disputed by some, would he have been appointed to cover his boss? “He is the culprit, there is no black hand in this case,” replied Colonel Mwanamputu.

Another question, why then two weights, two measures? The murderer of Mbandaka was tried and sentenced in flagrante delicto; but what procedure for the case of Kinshasa?

While waiting for the trial of the alleged killer of Rossy Kadima Mukendi, the opinion is warned: lawsuits could be initiated against unscrupulous Internet users, whether journalists or not.

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