Corruption is a reality, according to the president of the ANC

The president of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa said in an investigation the exercise of state power that corruption is “a reality for a long time”.

This survey refers to businessmen who exercise undue influence over government officials to obtain lucrative contracts.

ANC President Gwede Mantshe, who was previously secretary-general of the party, also told investigators that the controversial Gupta family wanted the ANC to intervene in their dispute with South African commercial banks.

The Guptas and former President Zuma have always claimed their innocence.

Asked what the ANC did when it realized that corruption is a reality, Mantashe said the party had made an “unanimous decision” to establish an independent body to investigate the influence of state power in economic circles at its elective conference last December.

Mr. Mantashe was the highest ANC official to testify during this investigation. He also stated that the ANC wanted to help the investigation to determine “whether there were irregularities, undue enrichment, corruption and undue influence in the awarding of contracts, mining licenses, government advertising in the newspaper ‘The New Age’, any other governmental service in the Gupta family’s commercial relations with the ministries and public enterprises”.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is also expected to testify in the new year as the investigation continues.

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