Covid-19 in Senegal: number of cured patients exceeds active cases

In Senegal, 152 patients have been cured out of 124 active cases of Coronavirus. It was on Monday, March 02 that Senegal announced the first case of the new Covid-19 Coronavirus.

It was a Frenchman who stayed in France in February before returning to Senegal and who was quarantined in Dakar. This case was the second confirmed in sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria.

Since this first case, others have been reported almost daily. The country has so far reported 278 cases as of April 12. 2 deaths linked to the Coronavirus were recorded, 1 of the Covid-19 patients was evacuated.

But the hope in the fight against the Coronavirus in Senegal lies in the number of people healed. For the first time since the first Covid-19 case in Senegal, the number of patients cured (152) is higher than the number of active cases (124).

This situation must undoubtedly result from a synergy of efforts to manage confirmed cases and fight against the disease within the population. In terms of prevention measures, Senegal has decided to partially close its airspace since Wednesday March 18, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

This decision resulted in the de facto suspension of the operation of all flights to and from Senegal airports. The country has also imposed a curfew and strengthened prevention campaigns based on the hygiene rules decreed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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