Customer pees in ice cube machine during the party

A 28-year-old man from Florida was caught red-handed peeing in the ice cube machine at a nightclub. Quick-ass cops put the cuffs on him right away.

Michael Williams (28) was celebrating the ‘First Friday’ in the 260 First club in the coastal town of St. Petersburgh in Florida. On Facebook, the club advertises these monthly parties as “trendy and classy”. Something that apparently not every party-goer seemed to understand.

The nicely poured-out customer felt it was necessary to crawl behind the bar and urinate in the machine that makes the ice cubes for all drinks served at the club. When the bar staff discovered this, they immediately called the police.


Upon his arrest, it turned out that Williams also had marijuana in his pocket. In addition to an indictment for the disorder, this led to an additional charge for possession of drugs, according to the specialized website ‘The Smoking Gun’, which was able to access police documents. The man did not explain to the police his act. For the time being, it remains unclear whether drinks with ‘urine ice cubes’ have been served.

Williams was allowed to sleep late in the cell. He was released the next day after paying a deposit of 400 dollars. He may soon explain it to the judge.

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