Cute puppy with ‘tail’ on forehead finds a warm home

The cute puppy with the so-called ‘tail’ on his forehead has found a warm home. The manageress of the animal rescue center in Missouri, where he has been staying for almost a month, will continue to take care of him. “It was the only way to prevent him from being abused,” says Rochelle Steffen.

The little dog, who was saved from cold, quickly conquered thousands of hearts due to his remarkable appearance. The bizarre projection turned out to be a whim of nature after research, so harmless.

After the worldwide media attention, the Mac’s Mission reception center was flooded with requests to take care of the four-legged friend. “Sometimes huge amounts were also offered and that worried me,” says Steffen. “There were even people who stood at the door unannounced and expressed death threats. We feared for his safety and never left him alone again. Slowly the realization grew that he would stay here better, at least that way I knew for sure that he would have a happy life.”

Cute puppy with ‘tail’ on forehead finds a warm home
©AP – Rochelle Steffen with Narwhal

The ‘unicorn puppy’ will now be actively engaged to offer comfort to abused and injured dogs. “I didn’t want to keep him, but Narwhal is a gift from heaven for us. We all fell in love with him. In the long term, we would like to use him as a therapy dog, so that he can make his magic work in schools and retirement homes.”

Nine years ago, the shelter started with the adoption of Mac, the pit bull. Now the succession seems to be a fact. “Being different is fantastic; that’s the message we want to give.”

Cute puppy with ‘tail’ on forehead finds a warm home
©BSR Agency

The fans of Narwhal are crazy because this way, they can continue to follow his evolution. “My prayers have been heard. I was afraid he would not get the very best at home, but that has happened anyway,” it sounds. Or: “My day cannot go wrong. He will have a wonderful life with Mac and all the other animals in his neighborhood.”

Cute puppy with ‘tail’ on forehead finds a warm home
©BSR Agency

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