Demi Lovato fall in love again after overdose

The ‘good’ friend with whom Demi Lovato was spotted last month in Los Angeles, now appears to be a bit more than that. Henry Levy, a designer whose singer was one of the first artists to wear clothes during gigs, would have captured the heart of Demi, reports TMZ.

The two were seen together several times but insisted that nothing else was going on between them. Demi and Henry were spotted last weekend at restaurant Nobu in Malibu, where they celebrated Demi’s Grammy nomination. According to TMZ, the two gave each other a kiss on the mouth and held each other’s hand, which according to the medium was ‘the proof’ for more than just friendship.

The designer would have a good influence on her because he does not drink and does not use drugs. The singer is recovering after taking a drug overdose in June. She was only saved in the nick of time. “Demi now wants to surround herself with people who give her the right energy and Henry is such a type. They spend a lot of time together, but the last thing Demi is doing now is dating. She is completely focused on her recovery and health. Henry helps with that and is her ‘sober’ friend,” said an insider.

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