Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars

For these celebrities, life is not just glamor, fame and money. They have had to face serious health problems that, in some cases, have had them on the verge of death

Being a Hollywood star is synonymous with fame, glamor and millions of dollars, but the success of some figures has also been accompanied by a dark side of fighting chronic diseases or rare diseases. Of Cameron Boyce, the recently deceased actor Disney, it was learned that initially had a condition that caused seizures. The young man died at age 20 as a result of a seizure and, according to eonline, the actor lost consciousness every time one of his episodes occurred.

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
©Instagram – Boyce died of a seizure caused by epilepsy he suffered

Soon after, the family confirmed that Cameron’s condition was epilepsy, a disease of the nervous system that causes violent seizures. “Cameron’s tragic death was due to a seizure resulting from a continuing medical condition, and that condition was epilepsy,” the family said in a statement.

Epilepsy never prevented Cameron from developing his work as an actor nor did he impede his charitable activities, something in which he was very interested. But Boyce was not the only one who reached celebrity in Hollywood even in spite of his sufferings.

Selena and her fight against lupus

The singer Selena Gomez has also been fighting for years with a medical condition that is permanently afflicting her: lupus. The interpreter revealed in 2015 that she was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects less than 7% of the world’s population.

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
©Reuters – Selena has faced several ailments caused by lupus

Selena has been forced to take breaks in her career to address her illness and, above all, the side effects of the condition: anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. He also had to undergo a kidney transplant because the disease had already affected that organ. “I think I got to a point where it was a matter of life or death,” she said on occasion.

In October of last year, Selena received a new blow when doctors informed her that the level of white blood cells in her blood was alarming. The news came just a few months after she underwent the transplant, which plunged her into a state of depression and anxiety such that she decided to intern in a psychiatric hospital.

Justin: problems in the midst of success

Justin Bieber, who for years sustained a stormy relationship with Selena, has also had his emotional swings. Last March he alarmed his fans with a heartrending message through Instagram. “I’ve been struggling a lot, feeling disconnected and weird, I always recover, so I’m not worried, I just wanted to get closer and ask them to pray for me, God is faithful and their prayers really work, thank you… the most human season I’ve ever been in. I have been facing my things.”

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
Bieber asked his fans to pray for him in 2018

Bieber did not mention the word, but various media in the United States say that the young singer is fighting depression. For a long time, it is said, he has seen a therapist help him deal with his anxiety, depression, and uncertainty about the future.

The fight of Demi Lovato

The actress and singer did not even expect to reach 21 years. His food problems, addictions, and bipolarity became a drama that lived far from the spotlight until he could no longer do so and ended up telling the world about his suffering.

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
©Instagram – Demi Lovato speaks openly about her fight against addictions

From the age of 9, he ate compulsively and then vomited so as not to get fat. Then there were other problems such as addiction to drugs and alcohol. In 2011, the young woman knew that she was bipolar. Lovato has confessed that she is tired of being labeled for this condition. “It’s something I have, it’s not something I am,” she said.

In July of last year, she was at the limit after an overdose of fentanyl, the drug that caused Prince’s death. A few months ago, the 26-year-old posted a message on Instagram to discuss her battle.

“Today I would have been seven years sober, I needed to make those mistakes, but I should never forget that that is exactly what they are: mistakes … no matter how many times you have to start again, now I just have to dedicate more time to a new journey and put the counter back to zero.”

“If you have fallen back and are afraid to ask for help, you may take that step to recovery. If you are alive today, you can come back. You’re worth it”

The tragedy of Frankie Muniz

The young actor rose to fame thanks to his work as the protagonist of the series Malcolm, the middle one, a boy with a privileged IQ that was part of a chaotic family. However, the drama of Frankie is that he suffers from memory problems that prevent him from remembering his time on the popular television series.

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
Frankie rose to fame as “Malcolm”

Muniz suffered a transient ischemic attack in 2012. “I felt like they were stabbing my head,” he explained about the accident, a situation that has been repeated several times. “It’s something I never really wanted to talk about because it’s me and this is my life, but we’re talking about Malcolm and how it started and I really do not have any memories of being in the show,” he confessed to People in October 2017.

Frankie is not sure how his memory loss started, but it is not something he has investigated either. And is that his problem has forced him to learn to live in the present.

“For a long time, I contemplated committing suicide”

Sarah Hyland, star of Modern Family, thought about taking her own life due to health problems arising from the multicystic renal dysplasia she suffers, a congenital disease that affects the development of the kidneys in the fetus. This disease causes the formation of crystals in the kidneys, which generates severe pain in those who suffer from it.

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
©Instagram – Hyland is known for her work on “Modern Family”

In her fight against the disease, Sarah underwent a transplant of the kidney donated by her father, but the organ was rejected and she had to undergo a second intervention, with her brother as a donor. “When a member of your family offers you a second chance at life, and it fails, it feels almost like it’s your fault, but it’s not. For a long time, I contemplated committing suicide because I did not want to fail my little brother as I failed my father,” she confessed.

A chronic condition

In November of 2018, the singer Nick Jonas revealed through a publication on Instagram that it was 13 years since he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a chronic disease characterized by increased levels of blood sugar.

“13 years ago, a day like today I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The image on the left is a few weeks after my diagnosis, almost 100 pounds after losing so much weight because my blood sugar level was so high before going to the doctor where I would discover that I was diabetic, on the right you will see me how I look now, happy and healthy, prioritizing my health, exercising and eating healthily and keeping my blood sugar under control,” he wrote.

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
©Instagram – The photo that Nick Jonas shared to discuss his illness

Jonas thanked the support samples and assured that he has total control of his life with the disease. “Never let anything stop you from living your best life, thanks to all my fans for their kind words and support, it means more than what they know, I love them all.”

The tiredness of Bella Hadid

Depression, disorders, and diseases: drama of some young stars
©Instagram – Bella suffers from chronic fatigue

“Normally I wake up with some kind of a pain in my bones and I have to lie down again, I sleep again until 12 noon, but even though I’ve been asleep for 14 hours I’m still tired,” said the model Bella Hadid in 2016.

The 22-year-old, one of the world’s leading catwalks, struggles daily against the rare condition caused by the bite of a black-legged tick that causes sharp pains, facial paralysis, possible memory loss, chronic fatigue and including death.

Other celebrities who have been diagnosed with this disease are the singers Thalia and Avril Lavigne.

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