Desperate to clear the skin of their unborn children!

The lightening of the skin is a phenomenon that rages in many parts of Africa but also of Asia.

In black communities, this harmful practice is all the more encouraged by colorism, which means that beauty, intelligence and success go to non-white people but to fair skin.

It may be, on the African continent, linked to colonial history.

Despite a struggle by the authorities against the very harmful practice of skin whitening, many women are ready to do anything to “improve” their social position, by lending themselves to it.

Today, the facts are much more worrying, as it has been observed that some pregnant women do not hesitate to swallow pills meant to lighten the skin of their unborn children.

Like many African women on the continent, most Ghanaians use lightening creams on a regular basis.

They represent exactly 60% of Ghana’s female population. However, Ghana is an example of legislation prohibiting the marketing and use of such products. This did not, however, affect their consumption in the country.

The country today faces a horrifying phenomenon: pregnant women were seduced by the idea of ​​having a baby with fair skin. For this purpose, they take a daily pill called “glutathione pill” during their pregnancies.

This pill, of course, is not allowed by the Ghanaian health authorities. They have also conducted a prevention campaign against this pill.

They cautioned about its consequences on the health of the fetus, namely congenital malformations, especially on limbs and internal organs.

However, the use of this pill is experiencing a resurgence in recent months in many countries in Africa and Asia, and this, in all social classes.

Local authorities are still working to prosecute companies as well as individuals in possession of these illicit substances.

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