Do you worry a lot about work? 7 tips to deal with this

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about work outside of work, sleep poorly, or do you experience a lot of stress? Very nice, but not necessary! Such a thing only creates unnecessary stress and makes it less possible for you to enjoy your well-deserved free time.

Worry comes in the form of negative thoughts, such as thinking you are doing something wrong. But sometimes it’s just preliminary thoughts for the next day, so what you still need to do. Both are annoying.

Tips against worrying about work

Here are a few tips to better deal with worry. And be sure to check out these ways that psychologists tip to stop this.

1. Make to-do lists

Every week and every day, make a to-do list at work with tasks you want to complete. Also, be honest with yourself and make it feasible. When you complete all of those lists, you have little to worry about, and it becomes easier to work from day to day.

2. Talk to your supervisor

Lots of negative thoughts about the work you do? Then talk to your manager. Ask her or him what she/he thinks of your work. Your supervisor can tell you how you are doing and give any feedback you can work on. You will see that your supervisor also has a lot of good things to say.

3. Get rest

Take a few moments of rest during the day so that you are not busy with work all the time. Take a break. It is important to take moments for yourself and not be busy with work when you are at home.

4. Consciously close your work

Consciously end your work by starting another activity. When you are at home, for example, do sports, cook, clean or read a book so that you close the work and are no longer involved with it. Shut down your laptop, stop reading emails and put your work phone on silent.

5. See the fun aspects of your work

Your work is not just stress and hassle; try to focus on those fun aspects of your work. Think of your lovely colleagues, the beautiful environment or the feeling when you finish a difficult report.

6. Clear your mind of worries

Do you find yourself worrying? Then try to clear your head of those worries. Work out to sweat it out or make time for your family, partner or friends so they can distract you. What also helps is writing down your worries on pen and paper. Then they are on paper, and your thoughts can let it go more easily.

7. Realize that work is not the most important

Your work is not the most important thing in life. It is essential that you are healthy and happy with yourself and your life. So do fun things, take time for yourself and only do your work when you are at work.

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