Doppelganger impersonator of Kim Jong and Trump arrested

Howard X, the doppelganger impersonator of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has been arrested in Vietnam and expelled from the country. The man complains of the lack of humor of the Vietnamese authorities.

Howard X and Russell White, the impersonator of US President Donald Trump, led their own “summit” in the center of the Vietnamese capital on Friday. About ten agents subsequently presented themselves in the studio of a local TV channel where the doppelganger and Russell gave an interview. They were asked to stop their performances.

At a press conference in his hotel, Howard X, “the doppelganger” who lives in HongKong, made the reason the regime cites: a non-valid visa. “The real reason for my expulsion is that I was born with the same head as Kim Jong Un. That is the real offense.”

Accompanied by three Vietnamese in uniform, he then stepped into a car. The Canadian Trumpimitaor was allowed to stay, but without public appearances like Donald Trump. The real Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump meet each other Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoï.

Doppelganger impersonator of Kim Jong and Trump arrested

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