DRC: Presidential candidates prevented from reaching Walikale

The Congolese opponent Felix Tshisekedi, presidential candidate of December 23, and his ally Vital Kamerhe, said they were prevented from going to Walikale a territory of North Kivu.

They expected to hold another campaign rally in this landlocked part of North Kivu, torn by violence. The two opponents say they were prevented from taking their flight. The other opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu, held a rally in Beni, the second largest city in North Kivu.

This conglomeration of more than one million people beset by armed group activism is facing an Ebola outbreak. His opponent in the ruling coalition, Emmanuel Ramazani was in rally in Lisala and Bumba, in the north of the country.

In this city bruised by repeated attacks by armed groups, the opponent promised to restore peace if elected. In Beni, a city hit by an Ebola outbreak, Martin Fayulu promised to eradicate the disease, which has already killed over 260 people.

For his part, Emmanuel Ramazani, the candidate of the ruling coalition, led popular meetings in Lisala and Bumba, in the north of the country. In this region, considered as the bastion of Mobutu and Bemba. The candidate chosen by President Kabila has promised to fight against corruption. And make free primary education.

Candidates have until December 21 to convince the 40 million Congolese voters. They are expected to elect the successor of President Kabila. Who has been in power for nearly 18 years.

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