During burglary, thug sits on his phone and mistakenly call police

These burglars contributed to their arrest in the UK. Thus, when they were in full flight, one of them accidentally dialed the emergency number, causing the police’s arrival, according to the latter.

In the UK, police easily arrested burglars, one of whom accidentally dialed the emergency number.

A Chief Inspector for the County of Staffordshire took to his Twitter account, calling the burglars the most unlucky in the world. One of the clumsy “burglars accidentally sat down on his phone and dialed 999 [emergency number],” the message read.

“I think we have just arrested the world’s unluckiest burglars: Whilst committing a burglary, one of the bungling burglars has accidentally sat on his phone & dialled 999. We receive a call detailing all of their antics up to the point of hearing our patrols arrive to arrest them.”

The police officer specified that they had received a call detailing all the burglary maneuvers until the point of hearing our patrols arriving to stop them.

He also accompanied his publication with an image of one of the villains of the film “Mum, I missed the plane” who was also not good at crime.

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