Escaped prisoner wants to flee hitchhiking, but ended in prison

An American detainee who tried to escape on Tuesday, had bad luck when a car driver stopped. It turned out to be an agent. “He got a lift, yes. But one right back to prison.”

The 31-year-old Allen Lewis was transferred from Kentucky prison to end up in another district. He saw his chance to escape from the cell.

During the transport he complained to the policeman who accompanied him that his handcuffs hurt. The agent stopped to adjust things. When he released one handcuff, it came to a scuffle. Lewis managed to break free and fled on foot. While the prison set up a search, the prisoner reached a nearby highway and tried to get a lift. Unfortunately for him an agent from the campus of Morehead State University stopped by accident. When he saw the dangling handcuffs on one of the lifter’s wrists, he knew enough.

Warden Mike Worthington confirms that Lewis was taken back to prison. He risks extra punishment for his escape attempt. “He thought he got a lift and that worked. But one to the prison,” he says.

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