‘Eurosong’ singer Nelson Moraïs married in New York

Twice he participated in ‘Eurosong’, Nelson Morais (35). And before that he was in ‘Eurosong’ background singer of his sister Elsie Morais, the girl of ‘Amoré Loco’. Nelson do you remember ‘When I Cannot Find Love’. Well, he has found love and is married to Tess Dockers (31), a former lady of Miss Belgian Beauty. According to TV Family reports.

“Our wedding day was wonderful,” says Tess. “Nelson and I, together in New York. There was no one else, no family, no friends. They knew about it, of course. Nelson and I have been playing for a long time with the idea of giving each other the yes in Central Park. Everything has been preceded by a few months of preparation. Because it was obviously not easy to plan everything from a distance. But it did succeed. And yes, it was a beautiful seal of our love. It simply could not have been nicer.”

Precious affair

A party for family and friends, that has not happened yet. Nelson and Tess started to eat at their restaurant in Belgium with their families.

“But taking everyone to New York, that was impossible,” says Tess. “You cannot expect them to buy a plane ticket, do you? That would be a costly affair. Plus, then again, the hotel costs. But it was very good as it was. And we can still do a party with all our loved ones. They also liked it for us that we were getting married in pairs, and still in New York. That was really the ‘our’ moment, only from Nelson and me.”

In the meantime, life for Nelson and Tess is already on its way. Tess has her beauty salon and Nelson works as an IT specialist in the maritime sector. A job for which he regularly has to go abroad.

“Singing is now only a hobby for Nelson”, says his wife. “His sister Elsie is no longer singing. They only do it as a hobby. And what will Nelson and I be the next step? Gosh, enjoy each other and our lives together. We find it a little too early for a child. I am 31, I still have time to get pregnant. In any case, we are very happy, Nelson and me!”

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