Even a global star like Jennifer Lopez is only human

Performing for sold-out stadiums, loved worldwide and with ‘Halftime’ now also has her own Netflix documentary: Jennifer Lopez (52) proves that prosperity has no expiration date. Yet that does not imply a life without worries. In her documentary, J.Lo shows herself from her most fragile side, and she reflects on the dark side of her success.

“Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block”: whoever listened to the radio in 2002 could not avoid ‘Jenny From The Block’. Lopez’s infectious mix of pop, Latin and R&B – combined with her sexy looks – made her a beloved artist in the nillies.

Not that she has rested on her laurels since then: Lopez continues to release songs, acts and plans – after a turbulent love course – the fourth marriage with actor Ben Afleck (49). Enough material for a look back, and that’s exactly what ‘Halftime’ has to offer.

Jennifer Lopez in ‘Half Time’.
Jennifer Lopez in ‘Half Time’. © Netflix

Naturally, her romance with Affleck and motherhood passes, and Lopez also talks about her professional challenges. Subjects to be expected, but the documentary goes deeper than that. This is also how Lopez’s – quite numerous – uncertainties are presented.

Critics have repeatedly called her a talentless diva in recent years, and that came in. “It was difficult,” she says about it. “I just had really low self-esteem.” Ben Affleck states in the same documentary that he does not understand that. We neither.

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