“Everybody out! “: Driver throws all passengers off his bus for wheelchair

A driver threw all passengers off his bus in Paris because they refused to make room for a wheelchair user. “Terminus! Everybody come down!” He shouted. This way François Le Berre and his brother could at least carelessly ride along.

Flashback to October 18, Place de Clichy: the ramp for wheelchairs was ready, but travellers on the busy bus did not want to leave. “I had to laugh about misery,” says Le Berre. “Suddenly the driver said that everyone had to get off his bus.” Then he came to us. “You and your helper, get on. The rest can wait for the next bus, “ he said.

“The driver himself did not have any family relationship with a disability, but he wanted to do a good deed. He said that everyone could end up in a wheelchair one day,” says the MS patient.

On social media, the driver receives nothing but praise. “That man is a hero. Applause for him, passengers can be ashamed”, it said. Or still: “A good lesson. I hope they have understood the message now.” And: “An action that may be followed. Those who consciously ignore others must be dealt with harshly.”

According to the tweet: “Yesterday while waiting for the bus in Paris, no one wanted to push himself. As no one was moving the driver got up and said “Terminus!” Everyone comes down! After he came to me and said “you can go up and the others, you wait for the next one! François Le Berre”

Le Parisien/Huffington Post
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