Facelift addict Rodrigo: ‘My nose suddenly drops’

Brazilian Rodrigo Alves (36), who is addicted to plastic surgery – also known as the lifelike ‘Ken’ – has to be operated on his olfactory organ again after ten cosmetic, neuromuscular interventions because his nose is starting to collapse. According to Alves, as he says on Italian television, he is terrified that his ‘new guess’ will eventually disappear in his face. “I’m terribly opposed to that inevitable operation.”

Alves, with his striking appearance as a celebrity on social media, has spent almost 768,000 dollars on a total of 72 beauty operations in recent years. According to the Brazilian, a large part of this was necessary to repair the blunders of brothel doctors.

In January, Rodrigo was still under the knife because he could no longer breathe through his reconstructed nose. After the operation, he succeeded, but apparently, something went wrong on the inside. “The whole thing is about to collapse.”

Whether 11th nasal surgery is going to be a success, Alves hopes it will be a success. Every time the risks increase, and there is a chance that the surgeons can’t do anything for me anymore and that my cartilage and skin will die off. The media personality, as he says enthusiastically in the Italian TV afternoon program ‘Pomeriggio’, recently had a ‘soluble stomach balloon’ applied. “With this balloon, I can lose several kilos in a short time. The balloon disappears by itself in an average of four months. Good inventions and easy. Highly recommended.”


At the beginning of last year, the Brazilian had four ribs removed to fit better in fitted jackets. According to Alves, he is probably the only man in the world to have his tenth and eleventh floating ribs removed for cosmetic reasons. He had been walking around with the plan for years, but could not find a doctor who would help him. “In the end, after a long search, I found three surgeons who wanted to do it: two in Europe and one in America. Doctors have examined me extensively and made x-rays. It showed that it was possible,” says Alves, who eventually went under the knife with Dr. Michal Kobeng, who runs a private clinic in Beverly Hills: a city in California where a large number of pop and film stars live. He hasn’t cut the ribs – which have no clear function – too close to the spine and through my back to rule out any risk.

Facelift addict Rodrigo: ‘My nose suddenly drops’
© Instagram – Rodrigo Alve

The Brazilian was given the four pieces of the rib to take home as a souvenir and initially felt top fit. “I am so happy with my new hourglass remedy,” he celebrated in 2018 about his 20 centimeters narrower waistline. “I can now breathe in my suit size 36 again, and I don’t have to bring them to the tailor anymore.” At the moment he has a waist of 71 centimeters (measured all around, ed.).

Liposuctions, hair transplants, fillers, implants, and large amounts of botox: Rodrigo, who lives alternately in London and Los Angeles and who also has an artificial silicone pack, first went under the knife in 2004 because he was not satisfied with his body. His obsession with Ken (Barbie’s male counterpart) quickly got out of hand.

More than four years ago the man was diagnosed with morphodysphoria, in which someone has a disturbed image of his own body. He receives treatment from a psychologist for his condition, but that doesn’t seem to be very helpful. “It’s nice to talk to such a psychologist, but I just keep on creating my own ideal image.”

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