Fit for the holidays: 9 tips to keep fit during the New Year holidays

You must maintain track of your food and be physically active in order to stay in shape. It is almost hard to maintain healthy habits over the New Year’s holidays: the frequent consumption of salads and fatty meals, the lack of exercise, and the urge to lay on the sofa in an embrace with a laptop and a piece of pizza do their work.

Consider these suggestions if you frequently gain a few pounds after vacation and don’t want to lose shape. There are no hard and fast rules, but you will be able to keep the results of good eating and exercise.

In the morning, eat all of the most unhealthy foods

There is a way out if you don’t want to gain weight but don’t want to give up your favorite Olivier. All unhealthy and high-calorie items should be consumed in the morning, ideally before 12 p.m. This will enable you to eat as much as you want while without gaining weight.

The reality is that our bodies have a lot more enzymes that can break down carbs in the early part of the day. Furthermore, whatever you consume before 12 p.m. will be eliminated via physical exercise. You won’t have time for this if you consume high-calorie items in the evening.

Drink plenty of water

Half an hour before a meal, drink a glass of water. Water stimulates the body’s metabolic processes, which aids in weight reduction. Furthermore, when our refrigerator is brimming with food during the holidays, we often misinterpret what we actually desire – drink or eat.

Water also has several benefits, including the removal of toxins from cells, improved digestive system function, relief of constipation, lethargy, weakness, and fast exhaustion. So, instead of a cup of coffee or juice in the morning, try plain water.

Try to walk as much as possible

On New Year’s Day, few people want to go to the gym. However, regular physical exercise may be substituted for training. You might, for example, go for a stroll more often. Walking in the fresh air while taking in the festive spirit is much more fun than exercising on an exercise bike.

Consume in moderation

You should not consume the daily recommended amount of food in one sitting; this will only injure your health. Eat small meals three to four times a day, with at least three hours between each meal. It’s preferable to eat a bowl of Olivier over the course of a day rather than all at once.

Cooking in reserve is not a good idea

The worst thing you can do on New Year’s Eve is preparing a ton of food and convince yourself that you won’t have to touch the stove for the rest of the week. In fact, you’ll be sweeping everything you see off the refrigerator shelves with astonishing skill in a few days. To begin with, since it tastes nice and you want it. Second, since it would be a waste to throw away all of the blanks due to their expiration date.

Prepare meals for a single day, catching as much of the following morning as possible. This method will help you to control the quantity of food you consume and avoid suffering later, resulting in another rotten salad being tossed in the garbage.

Recipes should be modified

You may consume your favorite recipes that have been adjusted according to the recipe. For example, if you substitute the mayonnaise in Olivier with sour cream, the flavor of the salad will scarcely alter, but it will hurt your figure far less. Instead of frying the meat in oil, bake it instead; the meal will be less greasy and rich in calories. As a result, you won’t have to give up your favorite foods, and you won’t have to exercise your taste buds at the gym.

Drink the appropriate beverages

Of course, there would be no New Year’s celebrations without booze and juices, but if we’re talking about beverages that don’t violate the norms of a balanced diet, we should add mineral water, natural coffee, chocolate with milk, green/herbal tea, compotes, kefir, milk, and drinking yoghurts. Any of the drinks on this list may be enjoyed on their own or as a complement to meals.

Make an effort to drink more healthful beverages; your body will thank you.

Allow 15-20 minutes each day for home workouts

Allow for a quick exercise that does not need any particular equipment or sports equipment. It’s not difficult to find 15-20 minutes a day to complete a few workouts, particularly when it comes to your appearance and wellness.

Exercising at home will make it simpler for you to return to the gym after the holidays and burn off the calories you had time to “consume.” This kind of training is particularly beneficial for people who prefer not to leave the home during the New Year’s festivities. Even if you stay in your flat, you must relocate at some point.

Don’t eat the same way you did the prior time

You can eat anything over the New Year’s celebrations if you figure it out. The issue is that the quantity of food you eat is different. Typically, a person loses his or her mind and loses control of himself and his hunger as a result of the variety of varied meals on the table. I’d want to feed myself on Olivier and other holiday delights a year ahead of time.

Who’s stopping you from cooking or purchasing Olivier all year? Why are you so voraciously devouring everything? Get rid of the habit of eating the same way you did the previous time you ate. Tangerines are arguably the only citruses on the New Year’s table that demand special attention since they are only available throughout the season.

Start cooking salads and other foods for New Year’s Eve a week or two ahead of time. This reduces the chances of overeating.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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