Friends, now they are enemies: these celebrities still refuse to cooperate

Celebrities who can no longer go through one door: it is nothing new. It is therefore not all glitter and glamor that sets the tone, because the set can become a place full of hostilities when actors or actresses compete with each other.

Such as on the set of ‘Game of Thrones’, where the mood between Queen Cersei and Ser Bronn rose high. They are by no means the only ones because even these stars have sworn never to work together again.

Jerome Flynn (56) and Lena Headey (45)

The viewers of ‘Game of Thrones’ may not have escaped the notice: Queen Cersei and Ser Bronn could only be seen once in the same scene. It was a picture without sound because the two did not share a single word with each other during all eight seasons of the series and never even looked at each other.

Friends, now they are enemies: these celebrities still refuse to cooperate
©HBO – Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn can no longer stand each other.

According to a crew member, there is a simple reason for this: the two could no longer stand each other. Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey had a relationship in 2002 and that would not have ended well. Because the exes kept throwing mud, they would have agreed that they would never again show up in a production together in the future.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (47) and Vin Diesel (51)

They were fine with each other first since they were on the set of ‘Fast Five’ together. But during the recording of ‘The Fate of the Furious’, the eighth film from the franchise, things went wrong between Dwayne Johnson, known as ‘The Rock’, and Vin Diesel. “I have to deal with a weakling here,” Dwayne then shared from the set via his social media. It soon became clear who it was.

Friends, now they are enemies: these celebrities still refuse to cooperate
©Universal Studios – Things went wrong between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, known as ‘The Rock’.

“Vin and I have had several discussions, including a fierce face-to-face in my stay on the set. We have fundamental differences when it comes to making films and collaborations. It took a while, but I am grateful for that clarity. Whether we ever work together again or not.” That collaboration turned out not to be possible because The Rock could no longer be seen in ‘Fast & Furious 9’. Remarkably, he got his own spin-off: ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’. To make sure that Vin Diesel never crosses its path again?

Julia Roberts (51) and Nick Nolte (78)

Stuffing things up: that’s how the collaboration between Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte can best be described on the boards of ‘I Love Trouble’. Although the film dates back to 1994, the two have still not forgotten their fight.

Friends, now they are enemies: these celebrities still refuse to cooperate
©Touchstone Pictures – Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte.

According to Julia, Nick was particularly brutal during the recordings and had tantrums. “He is disgusting from head to toe,” said Julia during an interview with The New York Times about the print. She did everything she could to stay away from when scenes had to be canned together. And you can take that literally, because although their characters fall in love with each other in the film, in reality, the hatred only grew.

It even got so bad that they had to film their romantic scenes one by one with stand-ins. “It’s not nice to call someone ‘disgusting’”, Nick Nolte later defended himself. “But she is not a neat person either. Everyone knows that.”

Ryan Reynolds (42) and Wesley Snipes (56)

When Wesley Snipes appeared in ‘Blade’ in 1998, he immediately caused a furor as a vampire hunter. But in 2004, during the recordings of ‘Blade: Trinity’, he lost all his credit, according to crew members. Ryan Reynolds was also featured in that film, who looked up at Wesley Snipes and threw himself completely into the collaboration. That went smoothly until Reynolds started to improvise more and more and started to joke in between filming.

Friends, now they are enemies: these celebrities still refuse to cooperate
©New Line Cinema – Ryan Reynolds made the blood of Wesley Snipes boil.

It made Snipes boil his blood. The mood became so heated that Wesley only showed up when he had to film close-ups with Reynolds. He refused to look at all the rest of the shots when Ryan was present. He demanded a large part of the film that a stand-in was used so that Reynolds could not face him.

Channing Tatum (39) and Emma Watson (29)

In the comedy ‘This Is The End’ by Seth Rogen many celebrities pop up, including Channing Tatum and Emma Watson. Although they were normally shown together in a few scenes, Watson single-handedly stopped it. She thought the behavior of Channing Tatum was just too much, especially when the script says he had to dance in a leather sex mask.

Friends, now they are enemies: these celebrities still refuse to cooperate
©Getty images – Channing Tatum and Emma Watson

“She left the set and immediately called her manager as soon as she saw it,” an employee revealed. James Franco, who also played in the film, later confirmed the story. “The actress, whose name I am not going to mention specifically, just walked away in the middle of the scene. Apparently, it all got too much for her, it was too extreme for her. “I have to leave,” she said. And she was gone.”

James Franco (41) and Tyrese Gibson (40)

Speaking of James Franco: he has sold it to singer and actor Tyrese Gibson. In an interview, Gibson said he never wanted to collaborate with Franco again, after he broke his book during the shooting of the Annapolis movie in 2006. “James was vulgar,” it sounded. “I don’t want anything to do with him anymore and I think he shares that opinion.”

Friends, now they are enemies: these celebrities still refuse to cooperate
©Touchstone Pictures – “James was vulgar,” Tyrese said.

When the two had to film a boxing scene together, James would have intentionally sold him some striking hits. Franco dismissed it as nonsense and said that he had only slapped Tyrese because he did not want to break his role.

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