The frustrations of Olympic athlete (36), who is still a virgin

“Staying virgin is harder than graduating or training for the Olympics,” athlete Lolo Jones dropped out before the start of the 2012 Games. Well, the pretty American keeps it full. Even now, about seven years later, the now 36-year-old has not yet made love – she wants to wait until she is married.

In the American version of Celebrity Big Brother, Jones – who dedicated herself during her career to the 60m and 100m hurdles and in 2013 also took gold at the world bobsleigh championships – talked freely with her roommates about her choice to remain a virgin until she is married and the frustrations that choice entails.

The frustrations of Olympic athletes (36), who is still a virgin

Jones had it during Celebrity Big Brother about her love life and the fact that she, despite her looks, is hard to find a loved one. “I am probably single at the moment because I have never had sex and men do not want to wait for a woman,” said Jones, who clarified the situation for roommate Tamar Braxton. “Indeed, I have never had sex. I have chosen to wait until I am married.”

The frustrations of Olympic athletes (36), who is still a virgin

“Heart often broke”

But according to Jones, her decision does have consequences. “As a result, many relationships have already gone,” the Olympic athlete admits. “The moment I tell men that I am still a virgin, they often think that I am lying. ‘Oh, she said the truth,’ they realize at a certain moment. Others see it rather as a challenge. When they hear that I really want to get married first, they leave.”

“My heart has often been broken,” Jones admits. “But what if ‘it’ turns out to be not right when you’re married?” Braxton asks. “Well … for me it will be good because I will not be able to compare it with anything. I will be able to give my husband a great gift and hopefully, he will be worth it too.”

World Champion

Jones had a very difficult childhood, and she did not shy away from stealing things. Her family had little money to survive and she went to eight different schools in eight years. Fortunately, athletics offered her a way out. For the first time, Jones made herself heard worldwide in 2007 when she won the World Cup finals of the 100m hurdles. Her greatest achievement was the following year: she took World Cup gold in the 60m hurdles indoor in Valencia, a trick she would repeat in 2010 (Doha).

However, it went wrong at the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008) – and nothing seemed to stand in the way of eternal fame until she tapped the penultimate horde. Final verdict: only seventh in the final and a pack of tears. In London, she got another resit in 2012, but she was ‘only’ fourth in the final.

The frustrations of Olympic athletes (36), who is still a virgin

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