Germans should not fear railings for years to come

The users of the railway in Germany can sleep on both ears. Due to a social agreement, they must not have any fear until 2021 for abandoned trains as a result of strikes.

Deutsche Bahn announced today that it has signed a wage agreement with the trade union GDL, which represents 36,000 train drivers. The agreement provides 6.1 percent more wages: 3.5 percent from July this year and another 2.6 percent from July next year. In February they are also entitled to a one-off premium of 1,000 euros. From 2020 there will also be higher fees for those who work on Sundays, public holidays and night work.

And: the train drivers have also enforced that they no longer have to read emails or have to be reachable via mobile phone outside of their working hours. “We have achieved a razor-sharp separation between work and private life”, says GDL negotiator Claus Weselsky. The separation will be recorded in the wage agreement.

Earlier, Deutsche Bahn made a similar agreement with another, larger, trade union that represents the largest part of the 160,000 employees of the railways.

Both agreements apply until February 2021 and guarantee social peace to that period. “Good news for customers, staff and companies”, according to Deutsche Bahn personnel director Martin Seiler.

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