“Get me out of here”: couple on kiss cam are doing very well

A New Year’s kiss that lingers for a while, a couple of Knicks fans took care of that during the famous kiss cam moment yesterday in New York. The two of them kissed a bit longer than average in front of the cameras. Several times indeed, because the proud young man filmed himself in full action.

On New Year’s Day, the basketball match between the New York Knicks and the Portland Trail Blazers took place in Madison Square Garden. When the kiss cam came their way, a couple of New York fans started mouthing off firmly and for a second. The young man also recorded the next level kiss with his smartphone.

The comments on Twitter were not delayed. Reporter of the Trail Blazers, Casey Holdahl, tweeted: “If this game wasn’t tough enough, they just showed a couple in full open mouth kiss for at least 10 seconds on the Kiss Cam. Get me out of here.”

Jessica Smetana from Sports Illustrated felt sorry for the child watching the couple: “LOL this poor child was traumatized at MSG (Madison Square Garden e.d.) and it wasn’t bc of the Knicks.”

“He was caught by the kiss camera shooting himself while he was eating a face,” someone else writes.

Oh yes!, but the Knicks won the NBA party 117-93.

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