Ghana: A Chinese man throws a can in a gutter, here is the reaction of a journalist! (video)

A Ghanaian journalist became a subject of conversation after he ordered a Chinese man to pick up a can which he dropped into a gutter

Erastus Arase Donkor, a journalist at Luv FM could not hide his displeasure when he saw the act of incivism of this Chinese. He believes that Ghanaians should not allow this kind of behavior of foreigners.


According to him, such things can not be done in Europe, in Asia or elsewhere outside the African continent.

Ersatus then shared the video of the incident on his Facebook account with the caption:

“So I was driving with Frank Aboagye Danyansah and we spotted this Chinese national dropping a can in the drain…so I told frank that we must not allow this man to repeat what our own are doing to our environment.

“So I parked and we ordered him to pick up his trash. Don’t litter the environment. Drains are not waste receptacles please.”

See the video below;

This incident should probably serve as a lesson for others.

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