Ghanaian fans furious against Cardi B

Ghanaian fans have expressed anger on social media after American rapper Cardi B did not meet Ghanaian celebrities who came to her hotel in Accra, Ghana’s capital on Sunday.

Before her performance at the festival “Livespot X” organized in the city, videos of some local celebrities taking a wind while they met for Cardi B became viral. Some have accused the singer of showing disrespect towards her guests.

From her real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, the American rapper has since declared that she was not aware that the meeting and reception session was taking place.

“I asked my booking agent if I had a meeting today, and he said no,” said the singer. “I did not know I had a meeting (…) for that, I’m sorry, but it was not my fault,” she concluded.

Twitter users in Ghana and Nigeria were vocal about the incident that has become the trend in both countries.

The rapper performed in Nigeria before traveling to Ghana, and some took the opportunity to revive the friendly rivalry between the two countries.

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