Ghanaian pastor asks members to pay before touching him

A Ghanaian pastor, identified as Pastor Tony Boateng, is seen in a shocking video asking his congregation to pay before they can touch him.

The pastor was on a ministerial visit to Nigeria and he stood on the pulpit to ask his congregation to pay a certain amount of money before he could touch him.

The video was shared on Twitter by @Im_Cutesunshine who wrote a long article, talking about how Christians should pay attention to the church they attend.

She wrote:

Nigeria: Ghanaian pastor asks people to pay before touching him

Warning ! Warning !!
All of you, in search of Christ, should pay attention to the church you are attending.
Most of these churches are there to extort and brainwash you.

My brother was in a church today and believe me all the videos I’ve seen are terrible.

How to tell a congregation to form lines for people with different denominations. Or tell them to bring 5k to heal their marriages. Or you tell them if they do not have, they should borrow and when the Lord blesses them they should pay back.
Who do we really love?

Or ask people with their automatic cards in their bags to show up and wait for the balance of their account to increase. How do all these false pastors and prophets draw so much crowd? Your members are barely feeding but you have a Benz in your car fleet.

How exactly?

I really do not understand.
The so-called church in question is in Igando. All of you who stay in this neighborhood should really pay attention.

They extort what you have and go home feeling that the manna will fall from the sky for you.

Are you OK?(…)

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