Gina Carano sees that the comparison of Jews was ‘unfair’

The comparison of inequality in today’s society and that of Jews during World War II that Gina Carano hurled on social media at the beginning of this month was, according to the actress, intended to “bring people together.” She tells this in a c onversation with Ben Shapiro.

Gina stated that the government made sure that Jews were hated by their neighbors before the Nazis got involved. ‘Jews were beaten in the street. Not by Nazi soldiers, but by their neighbors and even children,’ wrote the 38-year-old American among others. “What’s different about hating someone because of their political affiliation?”

The message caused a lot of noise on social media and also meant Gina’s resignation from film production company Lucasfilm, known for the series ‘The Mandalorian’ on Disney +, in which the actress was seen. A few weeks later, she returns to her controversial post, which, incidentally, was quickly removed.

She said she was inspired by the ‘gentle nature of Jewish people of the time’ and found nothing controversial about it herself. “It was something I thought, maybe we should ask ourselves how that could have happened.”

Gina wanted to ‘bring people together’, but realizes that it was ‘unfair’ to the Jewish community to throw the word Nazi around.

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