Good jobs: what are the main mistakes when choosing a career?

Choosing which career path to pursue in the 21st century is becoming progressively more challenging with each passing year. The old ways of doing things, some of which have been around for centuries, are gradually being forgotten as new ways of doing things come into existence. How can you decide what will be to your satisfaction in this crazy world? This is a question that requires a lot of thought. However, it is simple to make a mistake and ruin your life by choosing a career path that is completely inappropriate for you.

6 main mistakes when choosing a career?

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1. Status-oriented

After stepping out of your flashy classic car, it’s fun to imagine that you enter a beautiful office where you are greeted by many assistants looking into your mouth because you are such an important person. To develop into someone like this, you need to devote your career, for instance, to the banking industry, politics, or something comparable. Hollywood movies, which typically depict successful people living the good life, such as successful lawyers basking in their wealth and fame, are further evidence that this is the case.

The issue is that only a select few people can achieve a status position in society, and most of the time, we fail to recognize the “pawns” that lurk in the shadows of prominent individuals. In addition, in any country, to advance in your career and have talent, you also need connections and influence with people in important positions.

Therefore, if you only focus on the status of the profession, you run the risk of experiencing cognitive dissonance as a result of the realization that you have been working in a miserable position for a significant amount of time and that career advancement to a more or less high position is not even anticipated.

2. Pay attention to financial matters

Along with status, this is one of the most commonly considered factors when selecting a profession. Once upon a time, kids who hoped to amass a lot of wealth as adults pictured themselves as bankers, business people, or other professionals who carried stacks of cash around with them in their childhood fantasies. And the fact that it is tiring, difficult, or even dangerous is of no consequence because the primary consideration is the possibility of making a significant amount of money.

These days, they fantasize about other careers, such as being a blogger, a programmer, or working in one of the many other digital fields. Because he can receive more than 200,000 dollars without any apparent effort, the same programmer is being considered the most priority option. If you continue along this path, you may eventually come up against a barrier in the form of a large number of the same people who believe that programming is something that needs to be developed simply because it pays a lot. This wall may prevent you from progressing further along this path. It turns out that only a select few receive such a significant amount of money, and the remaining individuals are compelled to compete with one another in lines for jobs that are more or less devoid of humiliation to acquire at least some level of experience.

You need to realize that although money is important, the priority you place on it should not be significantly higher than your priority on your peace of mind. You can reach high earnings by gaining knowledge and experience, but if this is absolutely not your thing, you will be in constant depression because it is out of sync with your personality. You can reach high earnings by gaining knowledge and experience.

3. The desire to be recognized by others or to fulfill the requirements set forth by another individual

No matter how self-reliant we may appear to others, there will always be someone whose opinion we value and whose expectations we wish to fulfill. These are typically the parents who would rather not let their children down. Sometimes people who say things like this become the type of people who are always predicting that nothing will work out for another person and that they will never be able to get a certain job. Then, on the other hand, to not justify these unfavorable expectations, he acts, however he pleases so long as the words are not confirmed. This is done to avoid a situation where these expectations would be justified.

The typical human motivation is the aspiration to achieve someone else’s approval by meeting or exceeding their expectations. When it comes to choosing a career, it is impossible to focus solely on this factor, although it plays a significant role in maintaining psychological equilibrium. You cannot arrange “persecution” to put the child’s fragile mind on the “right” path to cause him to want to fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor like his parents, even if the parents want their child to follow in their footsteps and become an engineer.

4. Preference-based selection

When someone is good at something as a hobby, people will tell them that it can be turned into a source of income, which causes the person to think about turning it into a source of income more and more. In theory, this is true because if a person is passionate about what they do for a living, they will never put in a full day’s work, which they will refer to by a different name: work.

The issue is that the things that we enjoy doing do not always coincide with the aspiration to advance in terms of one’s status in society and one’s expectations of one’s income. If you are only concerned with how satisfied you are, you may find yourself in a position where you cannot find work. There are less than one hundred openings for jobs like the one you are looking for across the entire country, and an experienced specialist with higher education in this field is required for every position.

Additionally, having a strong interest in a subject does not automatically make one skilled in that subject. A superficial level of knowledge is possible. For instance, you have always been interested in the topic of space, and in the hopes of one day becoming an astronomer, you recently purchased a telescope to observe the night sky. On the other hand, Astronomy is not so much about observing the night sky as it is about performing intricate mathematical calculations, such as the computation of arc seconds, trajectories, and other quantities. Depression can set in if you discover that doing what you enjoy is significantly more challenging than you had imagined it to be.

5. Imitate someone

Imitation is typically directed at close personal connections like family and friends. Is there a person you know who is successful in this field and does he often comment on the fascinating aspects of his work? You can fall for this hook and follow in his footsteps without being aware that the two of you have completely different personalities and that something exciting for your friend will become a real ordeal for you.

It is essential to have the mindset that just because someone else is successful and not only takes pleasure in his work but also is compensated well for it, this does not guarantee that you will enjoy a similar situation in your own life.

6. Finding a stable place

Good jobs:what are the main mistakes when choosing a career?

The world we live in is becoming more and more digitized, and as a result, jobs come and go so quickly that people don’t even have time to notice them. I want something stable and secure and something that will continue to be useful for a very long time. Because the brain is very lazy and does not want to learn anything new that does not directly affect your physical safety, this is a logical criterion for selecting a career.

On the other hand, stability is appealing not only to you but also to a large number of other individuals who opt for this course of action because they are inflexible, do not wish to grow, or are simply afraid of change. Because of this, you can forget about getting a salary that is even remotely fair because there is no shortage of qualified personnel in this region.

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