Growing up with a lot of green causes less respiratory problems later on

Children with greenery in a radius of 100 meters around their parental home have fewer respiratory problems as an adult. This is evident from a Scandinavian survey of more than 5,000 people that was presented today.

Who as a child is exposed to air pollution, according to the study as an adult more often suffer from asthma, wheezing and other breathing problems. Up to now, there is still little known scientifically enough about that specific connection.

More than 1 in 10 participants suffered from respiratory problems
Scandinavian researchers therefore investigated how respiratory problems were posed in 5415 people aged between 18 and 52 in seven countries, especially in Scandinavia. They looked at how the air quality was set at the place where participants had lived until the age of eighteen.

Through satellite images they also examined how much green there was in a radius of 100 meters around their parental home. More than six hundred participants ‘well over one in ten’ suffered from at least respiratory complaints, severe wheezing or ‘late onset’ asthma, an asthma that develops in adulthood.

“These are preliminary results,” said Ingrid Nordeide Kuiper of Haukeland University Hospital at the University of Bergen (Norway), “but we found a link between the exposure to green during childhood and a lower number of respiratory complaints in adulthood.”

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