Gush!: Video of Eleven dogs and deer falling down from cliff

The sport hunting is a controversial subject; defended by those who believe that it is a strategic art. While another group believes that it is an act of cruelty that the only thing left is great profits.

In Caceres, Spain, the sport of hunting is allowed; However, this weekend a video that went viral ion networks questioned his free practice.

In the video you can see the time when twelve hunting dogs and a deer fall from a cliff, a situation that caused great outrage in social networks because various organizations that fight against animal abuse raised their voices to encourage the authorities to prohibit this activity.

The atrocious moment happened when a hunter took his dogs to practice. During their walk, the canids found themselves with a deer that they scampered to corral at the edge of a ravine. There the animals cornered their victim and began attacking her.

However, finding themselves near the precipice some of the dogs began to fall, wrapped in desperation to attack their prey. Despite the situation, the hunter began to advance without concern to where the animals were. In the video you can hear one of the participants say: “Run the dogs fall!”

While the deer fought against the ferocious animals, it fell with some of the dogs. The Royal Spanish Hunting Federation said that the dogs were attended by veterinarians; however, he did not give details of their health status.

Is the world currently concern about Wildlife conservation?

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