How to be funny: 10 tips

What, you want to become funny and witty? You have to be able to make jokes. If nature or life hasn’t given you that talent, you must do the following 10 things. And let’s not joke, this skill requires the utmost seriousness.

1. Watch more comedies

How to be funny: 10 tips

You can learn humor as well as any school subject. It’s like learning English by watching movies in the original with subtitles. Listen to podcasts, read humorous books, and watch comedies and stand-ups. If you don’t know where to start, choose the humor you like or the most popular ones. The main thing is to watch and listen carefully, watch how they build jokes, and how long they lead up to punches. Just watch what makes you and the audience laugh.

Try to find the golden mean between your tastes and the masses’ idea of humor. Maybe you’re so old that you still laugh at the “Party, let me drive” joke, but, alas, even those born in 1980 don’t get a smile out of it.

As you watch, your memory will filter out the most vivid and pithy moments. The main thing is not to include the same humor TV show in the background – you must be sure to watch intently to remember better and emphasize the nuances.

Over time, you’ll realize that comedians talk about simple things from our everyday lives and don’t make anything up. Do the same thing.

2. Try to see the joke, everything

If you want to develop your humor, the instructions are simple: take simple things from everyday life and make a joke. You can find the comical in even the saddest situation.

Behind every little event and situation you encounter, there is a hidden joke. Life itself is a solid and not always a good joke. That’s why black humor is the most accurate. Look at the situation from a different angle. It’s a valuable life skill that will come in handy for you, the joker. In any case, you just have to smile and wave, whether it’s a positive syphilis test, a divorce, or a spear in the face.

You can make a funny joke in your head, making you feel better and lighter, and the spear doesn’t bother you so much.

So try it. Analyze the simple things around you, and figure out how a simple cigarette purchase can turn into a funny and absurd situation.

3. If someone doesn’t laugh, don’t give up

How to be funny: 10 tips

Humor is a subjective thing. Everyone’s sense of humor is different, too. Some people only laugh at a*s jokes and love, while others find them disgusting. If you’re joking, you don’t get your face smashed; go ahead as long as you don’t hit the target. It sounds like you shouldn’t be doing a joke if you get beaten. Even that doesn’t stop some people, though. They learn, and they strive for perfection.

If it didn’t work out this time, draw some conclusions. Maybe you need to observe people and see what makes them laugh. Or maybe you don’t have enough knowledge. Because either a complete fool or a wise person can be funny, don’t despair, everybody had some bad days.

4. Don’t overdo it, and be careful not to offend others

In general, you have to know the audience you’re clowning around in front of. You have to know what you can and cannot joke about. You know you shouldn’t make black jokes in front of a widow. You don’t even have to say, “I’m so sad. I can’t imagine life without your husband,” you shouldn’t. Wrong place, wrong time. It would help if you didn’t make jokes about gays, disabled people, and so on.

So take a good look at the crowd before you say anything.

5. Be witty, not silly

How to be funny: 10 tips

We’ve already said that sincere laughter is elicited either by a witty person or a complete idiot. But even a complete idiot isn’t easy to be – it’s a natural state that’s very difficult to achieve. And when you pretend to be a fool, it does not always look natural.

In the end, wit is always valued more than stupidity. A witty person is invulnerable and unique. Only an intelligent person can make equally good jokes about himself and others, make witty remarks, and always hit the target. By the way, only a smart person can organically pretend to be a fool. Because fooling around is possible only if you have a certain core inside.

So don’t strive for primitivism, gibberish, or fooling around. Better read a lot of books and develop yourself. Only then will your obscenities be prickly and funny, and matting will be organic.

6. Be positive

People are nervous and indecisive, frankly speaking, and joke badly. Well, they do not get; in the head, there are filters of negativity, which release at best a sarcastic banter. There are simply pessimists who see negativity in everything but do not impose it on their surroundings. They can give birth to excellent black humor.

There are cynics who, despite their anger, do not lose their spirits and can see the good. They alternate the positive with the negative; therefore, their humor is perceived even better. But if you are a knight of the sad image, doomed to suffer, you will not have humor.

7. Don’t slip into bullying

Making jokes about someone is a win-win. You can find a reason to bitch about any of us. But there are a couple of nuances. First, you can run into someone who makes you look like an asshole and ruin your reputation. Secondly, you might offend the person. Thirdly, they will laugh at such jokes, but your reputation will not be good, to put it mildly, because it is immediately noticeable how you poison your comrades. People avoid such people because they do not want to become the object of jokes; they are attracted to kind and bright people.

Sarcasm and jokes are good, but only when used in moderation. Otherwise, it turns into negativity and bullying. Better alternate them with self-irony because nothing makes a person more beautiful than the ability to laugh at yourself.

8. Learn jokes

You don’t have to be creative to be funny. You have to be observant. Sometimes, even watching old TV joke shows, where everything is long outdated and moldy, can be helpful. Indeed, there are some good jokes there that are still relevant.

What else are jokes for, unless they’re for the public’s use? Most importantly, don’t appropriate them for yourself or say them on television. People will hear them from you and laugh and think you’re funny. People don’t care about authorship-they remember the people who tell the jokes.

9. Observe and learn from the jokers around you

Surrounding jokers? But seriously, we all have friends we find funny. Of course, being around “fountains of humor” can make you go crazy, go to the nuthouse and spend all day repeating the horoscope, fish, and beer. Or hate the very idea of humor. But there is something to be learned from them.

Surrounding yourself with people with a good sense of humor is a free way to pump up your skill. First, life will become more fun, and second, you’ll willy-nilly pick up on their moves and try to become funnier. Or completely lose yourself in their background. Not everyone can be funny.

10. Practice

How to be funny: 10 tips

You will need to get some practice. If you haven’t tried any of them out in front of other people, how can you tell which one is the best? Practice your wit by telling jokes, making notes, and keeping a diary. Take note of what makes others laugh and what doesn’t, as well as the jokes that make you laugh and the ones that you find difficult to understand. Take into consideration the age ranges and the kinds of social settings they are suitable for.

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