How to break up with the man you love

Parting with a loved one is never painless. This is one of the most difficult tests. And, unfortunately, not every woman suffers such a blow of fate with dignity. After all, it is so difficult to contain your grief, confusion, and emotions! In a stressful situation, you can do something that can later cause regret and shame. What is the right way to part with your love?

Parting with the man you love is a huge blow, but it is never unexpected. Usually, long before the breakup, there is a cooling in the relationship. A man becomes indifferent, behaves more rudely, comes less often or later, referring to eternal employment. There can be many such signs, and a woman usually feels them well. If you have good reason to suspect that you are about to be abandoned, you can accept and expect the inevitable, or you can gather courage and put an end to the relationship first.

The second option is psychologically even better, as you will retain your self-esteem and not feel abandoned. In this case, be prepared for the fact that the man, on the contrary, will start looking for some ways to rebuild relationships with you. After all, he also does not want to feel like a loser. And here, everything depends only on you: either you accept his impulses, or you still do not back down from the decision to leave. But remember that if a man’s feelings are burned out, and he no longer loves you as before, then you are unlikely to have a happy future with him.

Try to be aware of what exactly happened. Why are you being abandoned? There are usually not many main reasons – your man fell in love with another, you do not suit him, he is not ready and is afraid of a serious relationship, etc. It won’t make it easier for you when you understand why. But thinking will dull your emotions a little, prevent you from falling into a deep pit of despair, and become a starting point for action. If you are not loved, try to understand and forgive. If something is wrong with you, you need to urgently take action to avoid facing a similar situation in the future. Well, if a guy is simply afraid of responsibility, then your parting is the best way out because you hardly need such a partner.

Until now, have you thought that your man is perfect in every way? Now is the time to critically reconsider your views. Reflect as much as possible on the shortcomings of your chosen one. You can take a piece of paper and write all the pros and cons on it. Analyze what has been written and understand that you are too mistaken about its merits.

You can part ways in different ways, but it is better not to leave any understatement. The best option is to find out the relationship and clearly understand for yourself that this is the end. Don’t have the heart to meet and express everything that you think of him? Write and email him the expanded letter. In this case, you should not be rude and stoop to insults. Just calmly and with dignity, express your complaints, thank you for the bright moments you experienced together, and explain that you want to end the relationship.

If you decide to meet and talk face to face, choose a time when you are focused and calm. Tell him about your feelings and experiences, about the negative moments of your life with him, and do not try to reduce the conversation to nostalgic memories of how good you were together. In no case do not get frustrated and do not raise your voice, even if the man loses balance and says a lot to you. But in this case, all the trump cards are in your hands because you will keep your dignity and pride.

Note the amount of time during which you allow yourself to be discouraged and grieved, and as soon as this period comes to an end, take control of feelings into your own hands. Avoid dating your ex. Try to get rid of all the gifts, photos, and things that will remind you of the past.

Do not withdraw into yourself. Communicate more with other people. Find some interesting activities for yourself – sports, handicrafts, cinema, etc. If possible, go on a journey that you previously wanted to make. Enjoy the beauty of nature, the masterpieces of human hands, and all the riches of the world around you.

Remember that time heals even the most severe wounds, and you will also meet the man who will suit you and with whom you will be happy.

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