How to get a girlfriend? The biggest date blunders many men make

Of course, you want to do your best to impress your date. If this does not work, there are, of course, reasons for this.

Date blunders for men

Men are often persistent, and there is nothing wrong with that. It does become a problem if the woman in question has clearly said no and doesn’t appreciate your attempts to pick her up. Have you had a date, and in her experience, there is no click, accept that. The disadvantage is that otherwise, you will quickly build up an image of a man who does not want to hear no. That certainly won’t work in your favor.

No is just no

Of course, if a woman says no, then, of course, she means No! If a woman says no, it’s not an incentive to try anyway. It doesn’t mean “not now,” “maybe later,” “maybe,” or even a hidden “yes.” It really means no. Ignoring her “no” and thinking it means something other than “no” is insulting and rude. Be a gentleman.

Trying to be nice

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There is a difference between being nice and being liked. If you have to do your best to be nice, you’re playing a game where there can only be one loser. If you want to score points, just be yourself.

There is a huge risk that you will fail at another time, and then all the effort you have made will have been for nothing. Another reason not to try your best to be nice is that you quickly end up in the ‘friend zone.’ So you don’t want to end up there at all, because then the bedroom is very far away.

Bluntness isn’t going to work

One of the disadvantages of some men is that they are direct. That can be useful if you are sitting on a terrace and you want to order your favorite beer, but in communication with your date, you have to approach things a bit more tactfully.

Well-meaning comments about her appearance aren’t (always) appreciated, so don’t bother with them. As much as you like that she has a big behind, be careful with it. In most cases, you’re mistaken.

Just be yourself

However well-intentioned, the advice to ‘just be yourself’ often doesn’t work. A woman likes to be impressed by your appearance and your attitude. Just being yourself doesn’t help. So make sure you are authentic and the best version of yourself! In short, show yourself as you are, but in your best shape.

That doesn’t mean you have to show up in your sweatpants that you otherwise wear every day. Be original and honest, but don’t pretend to be who you are.

Superficial compliments

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Complimenting her is wise, but make sure you mean it. That said, you may think you’re scoring points by saying she looks nice. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but it’s not very original. She probably hears that weekly, so you’ll have to come up with something more to impress.

Make it clear that you’re interested in her by complimenting her. If you do it the right way, she will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Contact her

This is probably the hardest part of dating. Have you had a nice date, and it tastes like more, let her know subtly. A superficial comment like ‘I really like you’ won’t work. How then? By contacting her.

There are no fixed rules for this, but in any case, don’t wait too long. If you have not called or spoken to her after two days, she will quickly think that your interest is minimal. Women secretly like attention if you feel it right.

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