Is your date a ‘good one’? By reading this you know it within 30 seconds

You swiped to the right because he had a great profile photo. He seemed funny and sweet through his messages. But now, he wants to meet you in person, during a dinner. Wondering if your date is really as sweet and friendly as it makes you stand out? With this trick you know it within 30 seconds.

Even if people’s knowledge is your middle name, blind dates are and remain difficult. Especially if you do not have common friends whom you can count on to learn more about it. Because is your date really as fun, friendly and funny as he or she is? Or is it just a miserable person, dressed in beautiful clothes?

To find out, you can test this easy trick on your first date. Pay attention to how your date deals with the staff of the restaurant or the bar where you meet. Thanks your potential future the waiter who brings an extra jar of mayonnaise? Do he or she use the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ while ordering his or her hamburger? Does your date slide the chair under the table so that the waiter can pass smoothly and not stumble? If the answer is yes, then it is boy or girlfriend material, if of course you also click for the rest.

Ignores, or worse, does your date insult the staff? Even if he or she treats you well, you better limit it to that one date. Better to say good-bye than that he or she offends your sister A about her cooking skills during the Christmas dinner.

Source: PureWow, AD

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