Husband discovered on Google Maps that his wife is cheating on him

What Google Maps is not good for… A man from Peru who made use of it to find his way suddenly clashed with a woman who seemed very close to him. But on her tommy lay the head of another man, whom she was lovingly caressing.

The unsuspecting husband was looking for the most efficient way to get to a popular tourist bridge in the capital Lima, the ‘Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco’. For this he used the ‘Street View’ function. But suddenly he bumped into a woman who wore the same clothes as his wife. And when he zoomed in, it turned out that in fact it was just his wife. He confronted her with the images.

Although it was already recorded in 2013 by a mobile camera from Google, the man reportedly only noticed the photos recently. After his wife admitted that she had an affair, the couple broke up.

Source: The Sun, Aweita

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