Ideal woman: 7 signs according to men

They say that men love with their eyes. Indeed, the first thing that representatives of the stronger s*x pay attention to when meeting a girl is her external data, that is, beauty. Knowing this, girls go out of their way to make a first positive impression on their potential groom.

Girls always look perfect and perfect in their blood to please men. But it is worth noting that the admiration for the external beauty of the fair s*x in men passes quickly enough. And then, they begin to pay attention to other data that nature has awarded the girl: her mind, character, culture of communication, and other criteria, which make it possible to create a complete image and idea of the girl as a whole. And then the following rule comes into force: they are greeted according to their clothes and escorted according to their minds.

Today we will try to figure out what traits an ideal woman should have to please a man.

Of course, all men are different, and each is looking for his ideal, his life companion, with whom he will be comfortable and easy. But there is a list of criteria that more and more men pay attention to in their desire to link their fate with the ideal chosen one.

7 signs of an ideal woman

Ideal woman: 7 signs according to men


Some men like b!tches, but they still build a family with a more flexible character and who knows how to give in. After all, be that as it may, a man is the head of the family, and he will not tolerate a woman who infringes on his rights.

And a submissive and complaisant girl will always get into a position, understand, support, not throw up a scandal, and be jealous, check and control everything. You can also pour out your soul for such a girl and not be afraid to talk about your weaknesses. She will always listen and help with advice.

But as for the ladies with excessive demands, who like to throw a tantrum and be capricious, such, as a rule, remain at the bottom of the trough.

Tip: Learn to keep your emotions in check. If a man is dear to you and you see your future next to this person, then step over your pride, moderate your ardor and learn to restrain yourself when you are skidding around corners.


Everything that was said in the first paragraph does not mean that you should become a submissive girl without the right to vote and speak. In no case should you grovel in front of a man, no matter how much you love him. Remember to be respectful of yourself, your outlook on life, and your opinions. And if you start to curry favor with a man and please him in everything, then you risk ending up simply wiping your feet about you.

Advice: learn to compromise and resolve any controversial situation amicably, without prejudice to the dignity of each of you. And if you have already begun to feel total pressure from your boyfriend, which suppresses your dignity, run without looking away from this.

Be sensual

The role of the Snow Queen in a relationship can lead to dire consequences. A girl should be a playful kitty, affectionate, gentle, sensual. Therefore, try to show your love and attention to a man in the form of gentle touches, hugs, and kisses. Men like it so much!

Advice: any man is looking for tenderness and affection in his chosen one, which he received in childhood from his mother. Therefore, please him with your warm welcome, a gentle kiss on his unshaven cheek, and a compliment on his ear.


Yes, in family relationships, a man should be a breadwinner. But if you, using your mind, help multiply your condition, this is certainly a big plus. But again, the main thing here is not to go too far and not start making money more than a man. Otherwise, he will perceive it as an infringement of his manhood.

Tip: be more intelligent and more reasonable, especially in conflict situations. During disputes and quarrels, do not aggravate, do not escalate, but pause, and tomorrow all the gifts and flowers of the world will be at your feet.

Ideal woman: 7 signs according to men


A woman should be weak and defenseless, allowing a man to solve her problems. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. After all, girls who can independently “handle” a difficult situation without asking for help grow up in the eyes of a man, earning his respect.

Advice: sometimes, it will not be superfluous to show weakness and allow a man to help you solve an urgent problem. But it would help if you did not use this and always ask him for help. After all, there are cases when you can try to solve everything by yourself, thereby forcing yourself to value and respect even more.


Many girls are not alien to the thirst for honor and the desire for an honorable position in society. As a result, these girls achieve a lot in their lives. They grow in terms of careers and become lady bosses. They are not afraid of responsibility and are happy to take leadership positions. And after work, they come home and, forgetting to change their usual work role, continue giving orders and giving orders. But not all men are ready to endure such a business partner next to them.

Advice: you should not emphasize your superiority, even if you were sued to take a more advantageous position in terms of work than your chosen one. This can strike a blow to his pride to the point that he runs away from such a strong and self-sufficient girl.


Modesty colors a girl. And you can’t argue with that. A modest girl will never allow herself to be impudent in the presence of strangers. She will think carefully before she says anything. There are no obscene phrases and expressions in her vocabulary.

She will always support her man in the presence of others and will not lower him in the eyes of others. Moreover, modesty should be present in everything: appearance, behavior, manners, and speech. It is this trait that many men single out as one of the characteristics of the main one of all ideal girls.

Tip: Don’t confuse modesty with being complex. These are two different concepts that cannot be equated. A closed and notorious girl is closed from the world, and sometimes it is hard for men to understand what is going on in her mind.

Now you girls, knowing what she is, the ideal girl in the male representation, will be able to correct your behavior, draw certain conclusions to build a healthy and harmonious relationship with a man, without quarrels, scandals, and grievances, where love and mutual understanding will reign!

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