In front of father’s eyes, boy (8) disappears in crocodile’s jaws

A swim in a river near the Malaysian capital ended in tragedy. While his father had turned his back for only a few moments, his eight-year-old boy was suddenly attacked by a crocodile, which dragged him into the depths of the water.

A crocodile near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, dragged an eight-year-old child into a river before his father’s eyes, reports the Malay Mail newspaper. The incident occurred on 12 August at around 11 a.m. local time.

The father and his son had gone to bathe in a river. After diverting his attention for only a few minutes, the father suddenly heard splashing water.

Turning around, he discovered with terror that his child, attacked by a crocodile, was disappearing in the water.

An hour later, the man saw the crocodile resurface near the opposite side of the river and immediately called for help.

Five boats were used by rescue workers, police and villagers to search for the boy, who is still missing, according to Pledge Times.

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