In Nigeria, a classroom transformed into a henhouse

A picture speaks more than thousands of words. An amazing scene in Borno state, northeast of Nigeria; a classroom converted into a henhouse! What is the cause?

The Coronavirus being a contagious disease, the government needed to implement strategies to stem its progression, among one of them, the closure of certain public places favorable to the expansion of the virus. In this perspective, these public places were forbidden to access, including schools.

However, the trend has reversed, and the reopening of classrooms is more than topical. However, in the state of Borno, a classroom is rightly used, not to contain students, but preferably poultry.

Yes, in the photos below, we can clearly see the table-benches stacked on top of each other in the corner of the room to free up space for the poultry, which is in the center.

A scene that is out of the ordinary when we learn that the federal government is considering a resumption of courses throughout Nigerian territory. A growing trend in Africa but that other countries like Kenya do not intend to apply and even go so far as to ask schools to reimburse the tuition fees for the year 2020.

It remains to be seen whether the option of authorizing the resumption of lessons in schools would be welcome. At the same time, the epidemic situation in Nigeria continues to worsen with the number of deaths which now borders on 800 individuals.

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